Teeth of the Wolf

Jenna Garrett

April 7 – May 21, 2023

jenna-garrett.com / @particulr

Grave by Jenna Garrett
Grave, 2022
Cabin by Jenna Garrett
Cabin, 2022
Cave, 2022 by Jenna Garett
Cave, 2022
Rat Snake, 2022 by Jenna Garett
Rat Snake, 2022
Switches, 2022
Hood, 2022 by Jenna Garett
Hood, 2022

Men in groups. Groups of men with ideas. Ideas about other groups of men. Men they perceive as weaker. Weakness the everlasting enemy. Enemies everywhere. Everywhere a war front.

The most dangerous people envision themselves as both David and Goliath. The paradox— they believe in their righteousness as a blameless victim, but they move with the unconsidered force of an aggressor. Like a chemical reaction, this combination leads to a lethal blindness. No one is immune to such thinking, but when we see it writ large—in militias, in nations, in any group with any weapons— what is the most frightening is the human capacity for cruelty costumed as justice.

And what is the origin of such violence? And what causes ordinary fear to metastasize into chaos, into conspiracy, into war? The only way to answer these questions, even provisionally, is to look, to catalogue, to observe in silence.

Jenna Garrett’s Teeth of the Wolf is such an investigation. As an artist she is capable of finding stark beauty in the ordinary—a lake, a forest, a boulder, a room. And her lens has a way of capturing an unguarded, childish stare in a grown man’s face, or the sense of a ghost, just out of frame, just out of sight.

Her subject here is the way a place holds onto a story, and how history is a conflict between histories. How easy it is to be in love with a ghost; a ghost never changes.

— Catherine Lacey

Jenna Garrett is an artist living in San Francisco. Her current practice focuses on the Ozarks in southwest Missouri where she was born. Her work has shown at the Aperture Gallery, Bristol Photo Festival, Photoville, Photo Vogue Festival, Silver Eye Photography Center, and Slideluck Stockholm. She graduated with an MA in Fine Art Photography from the London College of Communication. She can also ride a unicycle, but only in a straight line.

jenna-garrett.com / @particulr

Catherine Lacey is the author of five books, most recently Biography of X. She lives in New York and Mexico.


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Teeth of the Wolf Zine by Jenna Garett

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